Working principle of screw pump
Single screw Rod pump is a within meshing eccentric Rotary of volume pump, pump of main component: a root single head spiral of rotor and a usually with elastic material manufacturing of has pun spiral of stator, dang rotor in set Yu type cavity within around stator of axis for planet Rotary Shi, turned stator Zhijian formed of closed wrist on along rotor spiral produced displacement; so on will media continuous to, are speed to, and and volume constant to from sucking entrance sent to pressure out end, based on this pieces characteristics, single screw Rod pump special for Yu following workers condition of work.

high viscosity medium depending on the pump size can transport centiPoise viscosity from 37000-200000 media.
medium containing particles or fibers: particle diameter 30mm (does not exceed rotor eccentricity). Fiber length can be 350mm (rather 0.4 rotor pitch). 40% of its content can reach the media cellar, if the medium for fine solids in powder form, content also can be transmitted up to 60% or higher.
, medium structure does not love corruption, selection of single-screw pump is the best. Severe vibration or noise
pump/> cause: the pump installation is not strong or excessive pump installation motor bearing damage; pump with motor spindle spindle to bend or misalignment, parallel, etc.
method: trim pump or pumps to reduce installation height; replace the motor ball bearings; correction of curved water pump shaft and adjust the relative position of the pump and motor.
drive shaft or motor bearing overheating
cause: lack of lubricant or bearing break, and so on.
method: Add oil or replace bearings.
water pump cause: pump body and suction pipe are not filled with water; the dynamic water level below the pump filter; suction pipe rupture.

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