Submersible sewage pump fundamentals
A, principle
submersible sewage pumps are used in the environmental protection industry to transport containing solid particle, fiber solid-liquid mixture such as domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, slurry pump products. WQ type diving sewage pump sealing systems, sewage pumps, submersible motors, automatic control and protection systems, install system consists of several parts. Different from other sewage pumps are: WQ type diving sewage pump with pump and motor shaft to rotate, and sneak into the liquid. Pump sealing system can effectively prevent liquids from entering the motor cavity in the protection of the safe operation of the motor. Pump control and protection system in the event of leakage, oil leakage, overload, overheating, lack of equal failure, alarm and shutdown in a timely manner. Key
    second, the technical system is automatically installed by the coupling device, automatically at installation and removal of the pump and the piping system is connected or disconnected. WQ type diving sewage pump is an indispensable and important equipment in water treatment. It of security run directly effect to whole water treatment system of security run, so, in WQ type diving sewage pump in the, most main of problem is guarantee pump of using reliability, and effect sewage pump using reliability of key problem is pump of sealed performance and no overload performance and important parts of using life, in pump of sealed in the, we used has Deputy leaves turns body power sealed and mechanical sealed phase combined of new sealed technology, makes sealed reliability has has great of improve. In terms of non-overload performance, we use a whole theory of hydraulic pump design, using double-Channel impeller, the pump has a larger capacity and more importantly, not only is the pump in power throughout the lift does not exceed the rated power and the use of motor overload.

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