Principle of the plastic pump
Plastic pump for pump one of the members of the family, the actual use of display, the pump with corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high temperature, not aging, high mechanical strength, smooth operation, advanced and reasonable structure, seal strictly reliable and removal of easy maintenance, long life and other advantages. Plastic pump characteristics
/>      1,
a variety of plastic pump for medium viscosity liquids, particularly viscous transmission medium.
liquid concentration and dehydration after the separation of dry materials.
liquid containing solid particles, fibers, suspended.
mixtures of liquids, gases and solids.
not stirring, cutting, plundering of sensitive liquids.
    2, plastic pump features
wide, can transport everything flowing media and even non-flowing material.
flow rate, pressure, pulsation-free.
variable speed to change the output volume and can be used as metering dosing.
inhalation ability, low noise, no leakage, no temperature rise. Of special spiral surface cavity
flexible stator with large tooth of the rotor with large lead engaging, in the stator cavity form a continuous sealing line will suction Chamber separated from the pressure Chamber, rotor rotation cavity to continuously discharge direction, making materials continue to be pumped and discharged.

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