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SL-phenol aldehyde glass fibre reinforced plastic pipeline pump

SL-phenol aldehyde glass fibre reinforced plastic pipeline pump

Product overview:
SL phenol aldehyde glass fibre reinforced plastic pipeline pump of single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump. Is a new energy-saving pumps medium flow adopts modified phenolic glass fiber reinforced plastic with a high temperature and high pressure process and elaborate, and has a high resistance to corrosion, high temperature resistance, light weight, high strength, deformation and so on. The pump design and selection of advanced, simple structure, smooth working, reliable performance, high efficiency and low cost, easy maintenance, and its overall technological level in the domestic leading position, is the ideal selection of pump type corrosion-resistant in the field at this stage.
    are applicable for various concentrations of hydrochloric acid, low concentrations of sulfuric acid and other non-oxidizing acids, organic acids, inorganic salts and various organic solvents, are widely used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical, chemical fiber, water, machinery, metallurgy, environmental protection and other areas of corrosion.

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