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GBW-type horizontal centrifugal pump with concentrated sulfuric acid

GBW-type horizontal centrifugal pump with concentrated sulfuric acid

Product overview
GBW concentrated acid pump is based on the IS centrifugal pump performance parameters, using concentrated sulfuric acid special cast iron and carbon steel materials and excellent water conservancy models optimized design together. Is ideal for next-generation chemical pumps.
1/> main characteristics, smooth running: absolute concentricity of the pump shaft and impellers excellent static and dynamic balance, ensuring smooth operation without vibrations.
2, and airtight: the axle seals and adopts the exterior of the pump mechanical seal for high quality, dynamic and static ring made of new silicon carbide on silicon carbide, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, no leakage, long service life.
3, low noise: bearings the pump under the support of the two low noise, smooth operation, in addition to weak motor sound, no noise.
4 and low failure rate: simple and rational structure, key parts adopt world-class quality facilities, no fault working time machine is greatly increased.
5, easy maintenance: replacement of seals, bearings, simple and convenient.
6, covering less: exports can be left, right, up three, pipe installation, saving space.


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