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GBL-type vertical concentrated sulphuric acid pump

GBL-type vertical concentrated sulphuric acid pump

Product overview
    GBL concentrated sulfuric acid pump is based on the IG-type centrifugal pump performance parameters, using concentrated sulfuric acid special cast iron and carbon steel materials and excellent water conservancy models optimized design together. Is ideal for next-generation chemical pumps.
main characteristics, pump is the vertical structure, import and export same as, and is located on the center line of the same, like valves, installed in the pipe, shaped compact in appearance, covers an area of small, construction cost, and with the shield can be placed outdoors.
2 impeller mounted directly on the motor lengthened shaft, axial dimension short, compact structure, reasonable allocation of pump and motor bearings, can effectively balance the radial and axial load of the pump operation, thus ensuring the smooth running of the pump, very low vibration and noise.
3 exterior, the pump shaft seal mechanical seal for high quality, dynamic and static ring is made of new carbide and ceramic, resistant to wear, no leakage, long service life.
selection based on
  80~100%-special steel used sulfuric acid, temperature up to 60-80. Iron and steel in the sulfuric acid concentration and temperature range, iron sulfate can produce protective film on the surface. Cast iron is not available for more than 100% of fuming sulfuric acid, may be due to iron-sulfur trioxide and Silicon in the reaction the cast iron brittle. Fuming sulfuric acid of carbon steel does not apply to 100~102%, more than 102% acid is applied, limit temperature of approximately 60 degrees centigrade. Dilute sulphuric acid on iron corrosion is very large, when the acid at a concentration of about 47%, corrosion rate is highest. When the acid concentration is greater than 65%, the steel corrosion rate was reduced significantly. In 65~80% this period of concentration, however, had better not use steel, lead, or other acid-resistant materials more secure.

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