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GDL type vertical multistage pipeline pump

GDL type vertical multistage pipeline pump

product overview:
GDL-type vertical multistage pipeline pump is our excellent pumps in foreign countries on the basis of the user's requirements and relating to fire safety standards, and according to the JB/TQ6435-92 standard design and manufacture a new generation of products.
pump suction and the discharge outlet on the same line. Rotor shaft, impeller, impeller spacer sleeve, sleeve parts, effluent with water, middle, tighten bolt connections. Shaft seal mechanical seal, with the pressure on the balance of water for lubrication and cooling. Are the hot and cold water or the best physical and chemical properties similar to water, liquid transfer pump.
the Department of design and optimization of multistage pump used in all computers, the company has strong technical force, abundant production experience and perfect testing means, in order to ensure stable and reliable product quality. Widely used in the high pressure system of hot and cold water circulation booster, high-rise buildings and multiple parallel pumps water, fire protection, boiler feed water and cooling water systems and transportation of various fluids.

product features: advanced
1, hydraulic model: high efficiency, wide range of properties.
2, installation and maintenance: pipe installation, import and export as well as valve installed in the pipeline anywhere and in any direction, very easy for installation and maintenance.
3, attractive appearance: made of high quality stainless steel coat, beautiful appearance.
4, reduced running and maintenance costs: high quality mechanical seal, wear-resistant, no leakage, long service life and low failure rate, lower operation and maintenance costs.
5, unique parts and reduce the noise: the unique design of hydraulic components, good performance, and minimize movement noise.
6, vertical structure occupies small area.

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