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CHL,CHLK light stainless steel multi-stage pump

CHL,CHLK light stainless steel multi-stage pump

Product overview:
CHL,CHLK and CHLF (t) light horizontal multistage centrifugal pump uses a maintenance-free mechanical seal. Pump parts are made of stainless steel (304 or 316), with low noise, light corrosion-resistant, pleasing in appearance, small size, light weight, long life and other characteristics.
pump working conditions:
thin, clean, Non-Condensable, non explosive liquids, not containing solid particles or fibers.
liquid temperature: at room temperature type-15 ℃ to + 70 ℃
hot type + 70 ℃ to + 110 ℃
maximum environment temperature: + 40 ℃
maximum operation pressure: 10 BA
maximum imports pressure by maximum operation pressure limit
media acid alkaline: PH4~9
motor for full closed, wind cold type II very motor
protection grade: IP55
insulation grade: F
Standard voltage

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