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ISW type horizontal pipeline centrifugal pump

ISW type horizontal pipeline centrifugal pump

Pipeline centrifugal pump product features:
run smoothly: absolute concentricity of the pump shaft and impellers excellent static and dynamic balance, ensuring smooth operation without vibrations.
precautions: different carbide seal, ensure that different mediums transportation are leak-free.
low noise: two low noise under the water pump bearing, smooth operation, in addition to weak motor sound, no noise.
low failure rate: simple and rational structure, adopting world-class quality, a key part; matching machine no fault working time is greatly improved.
easy maintenance: the replacement of seals, bearings, simple and convenient.
less: exports can be left, right, up three, easy piping installation, saving space.
working conditions:
1, suction pressure ≤ 1. 6MPa, or the pump maximum working pressure ≤ 1. 6MPa, pump + suction pressure pump is less than 1. 6MPa, pump hydrostatic test pressure is 2. Of 5MPa, when ordering, please indicate the working pressure of the system. Pump system working pressure greater than 1. 6MPa when ordering separately, pump flow in order to manufacture parts and connecting using cast steel material.
2, ambient temperature <40 ℃, relative humidity <95%.
3, the transmisson medium size solid particles content is not more than 0 per unit volume. 1%, size <0. 2mm。
Note: If you use media with small granules, please specify when ordering, for manufacturers to adopt wear resistant mechanical seal.


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