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GW pipeline type has not stopped up the blowdown pump

GW pipeline type has not stopped up the blowdown pump

Product overview
     non-clogging sewage pump of GW is on the basis of introducing advanced foreign technology, combined with the characteristics of the pump and the successful development of a new generation of pumps with energy-saving effect is remarkable, and winding, no plug, automatic installation and automation features. In the carriage of solids and long fiber waste, has a unique effect.
     sewage pumps of the series features a unique and new mechanical seal impeller structure, effectively conveying solid and long fibers. Compared to the traditional impeller and impeller, the pump impeller is single channel or dual channel form, it is similar to a section of pipe of the same size, has very good flow properties, together with a reasonable amount of snail room, make the impeller pumps with high efficiency, through static and dynamic balance test, vibration-free running of the pump.
1, pump and motor direct coaxial, is a Mechatronic products, compact structure, stable performance.
2, anti-clogging hydraulic part the flow design, greatly increased dirt capacity, can effectively pump 5 times times the diameter of the fiber material and pump diameter solids of about 50% in diameter.
3, design reasonable, reasonable motor, high efficiency, low noise, energy-saving effect.
4, mechanical seal with hard wear-resistant tungsten carbide, are durable, wear and so on, can be safe and continuous operation of the pump more than 8,000 hours.
5, pump is the vertical structure, import and export on the center line on the same horizontal line, and import and export flange specifications same as installation is very convenient.
6, small size, built without room, can save a lot of infrastructure costs plus protective cover on the motor fan side, the machine can be placed outdoor work.

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