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FPG series corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump

FPG series corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump

structure and features:
FPG series centrifugal pump with corrosion-resistant pipes, reinforced polypropylene (RPP), injection molding, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and medium does not come into contact with metals, mechanical seals and long service life, high efficiency, low price, is the ideal substitute for stainless steel and other non-metallic pumps products.
RPP material: non-polarity, without contamination with HIV, acid-resistant and alkali salts, working temperature-14-80 ℃, widely used in chemical industry pipeline.

pump installation:
1, check carefully before installation and use of the pump type specifications supporting the application, read the product manual and said fine.
2, plastic pumps in various parts of the installation must be carefully checked before using fasteners loose if loose must be tightened again.
3, installation pipes are not directly supported in the import and export of pump flange, you must set up another supporting point to prevent pump damage.
4, where the pump is installed above the liquid level (in the context of the suction lift of the pump to allow), you should install foot valve on the suction pipe end, and set the liquid on the discharge pipe screws and valves for use by priming before starting.
5, the inlet diameter of the pump should be installed the same suction pipe, the pump outlet pipe installed the same import levels, preferably with valve, easy to operate when they first boot after the valve, close valve first and then shut down.
6, pump in the installation should pay attention to when using the pump discharge and head to manual standards, such as low head less than standard, should be installed at the pump outlet ball valve control the flow, spoil so as not to overload the motor.


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