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ISG vertical pipeline centrifugal pump

ISG vertical pipeline centrifugal pump

Product features:
1, pump is the vertical structure, the import and export same as, and is located in the same centre line, can be like a valve installed in the pipeline, and compact in appearance, covers an area of small, construction cost, and with the shield can be placed outdoors.
2, the impeller is directly mounted on the motor lengthened shaft, axial dimension short, compact structure, reasonable allocation of pump and motor bearings, can effectively balance the radial and axial load of the pump operation, thus ensuring the smooth running of the pump, small vibration, low noise.
3, the axle seals and adopts mechanical seal or mechanical seal combinations, imported titanium rings and medium mechanical seal for high temperature resistant and made of hard alloy materials, wear-resistant seals, can effectively extend the life of mechanical seals.
4, easy installation and maintenance, without pulling apart the road system, remove the pump body as long as nuts can take all rotor parts.
5, according to requirements that flow and head of series and parallel operation modes of pump is needed.
6, and according to the requirements of pipeline layout using vertical and horizontal installation.


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