Technical information

What is the metering pump
Metering pump, can measure the liquid machines, also called fixed displacement pumps, pumps, dosing pumps, dosing pumps, and so on.  
typically described as: the metering pump is a process that can meet various stringent needs flow rate can be adjusted continuously throughout the 0-100%, used to transport liquids (especially corrosive liquids) in a special volume of the pump. Is divided into the following categories according to different: 
category: according to the species
, plunger piston    
II, mechanical diaphragm-type
, hydraulic diaphragm type classification of
II: depending on how your drive  
, motor-driven  
Second, the electromagnetic drive  
III, pneumatic  
Classification: according to working  
, reciprocating  
Second, the Rotary  
third, gear-type  : 

other classification manual, electric, automatic control, thermal insulation, heating type, high viscosity type.


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